Dipl.-Psych. Susanne Baberg

Susanne Baberg

I am a psychological psychotherapist for adults with a focus on behavior therapy and emergency psychology. During my several years in psychosomatic clinics, I worked with patients in high-frequency individual therapy and psychoeducative groups. Topics that were often found in my outpatient psychotherapeutic work are depression, complicated grief, somatization disorders and trauma disorders.

Integrative behavioral therapy with its experience-oriented, schema-therapeutic, mindfulness-based methods and value-oriented approaches succeeds in exploring developmental experience of relationships in terms of their importance in the here and now. On this basis, I would like to offer you a helpful new relationship experience. Together we find out how their feelings, their thoughts and their behavior are connected in the context of their specific living environment and which needs are behind it. I would like to accompany you in developing a self-oriented attitude and finding a self-determined, constructive way of coping with life. It is important to me to work with my patients individually and in an impact-oriented manner. For me, openness and trust play as important a role as the conviction that everyone already has the resources that he or she needs to deal with mental crises.

In addition to my work at Start, I have been working as a psychological consultant for a psychosocial crisis advice center and a private Berlin university since 2017. The focus of my freelance work as an emergency psychologist and psychological psychotherapist is in addition to the crisis intervention in the preparation and support of a professional activity in the international field. These include preventive and psychotherapeutic offers for "expats". My clients include emigrants, migrants and refugees in Germany as well as German and international experts in development cooperation and their families.

Before I trained as a psychotherapist, I worked in international development cooperation in different countries and continents for several years. My focus was on psychosocial projects, civil conflict transformation and trauma-sensitive approaches. Therefore, I have dealt a lot from the participating observer position with intercultural contexts and meanings. English has been a natural working language for me for many years. Through this work experience, I have developed a strong affinity for working in audio, email and online settings.

Learn more about qualifications:

2017 - 2020

German Society for Behavioral Therapy (DGVT e.V.),

Outpatient psychotherapy

Bard College Berlin, Berlin Crisis Service Region East / Middle

Psychological counseling and crisis intervention, stress prevention, workshops on various topics in the field of mental health

2015 - 2017

Oberberg Clinic Wendisch Rietz, Median Clinic Wismar

High frequency individual psychotherapy, psychoeducative groups

Jan 2019

Certificate of emergency psychologist BDP

German Psychologist Academy Berlin


Feb 2017

Certificate Multi-Phase Integrative Trauma Therapy and Dialogical Exposure (MIT-DE)

Munich Institute for Trauma Therapy, Prof. Butollo


June 2008

Civil conflict transformation certification

Academy for Conflict Transformation Cologne

2020 approval

Completed further training as a psychological psychotherapist at the DGVT training center Berlin for psychological psychotherapy

2020 Master Sc. "Master of advanced studies - Psychotherapy with a focus on behavior therapy" (MASPTVT) University of Bern

2006 psychology diploma

Free University of Berlin

BDP Professional Association of German Psychologists

DGVT Professional Association (German Society for Behavioral Therapy e.V.)

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