Online Counseling

"To err is human, to remain foolish in error."
(Marcus Tullis Cicero)

Advice for different situations in life

It can be very helpful to discuss problems and development requests with a professionally trained outsider. The advice helps to identify and implement possible solutions.

What is the procedure?

At start: you will quickly receive an appointment and receive competent support. In a first consultation (50 minutes) your concern will be discussed and a goal will be formulated. Sometimes a single consultation is sufficient, sometimes it makes sense to be accompanied over a longer period of time. Additional sessions will be arranged if necessary until your goals are achieved. You decide individually during the consultation process how much support you need.

Quality is assured

Together we evaluate the consulting process and your individual progress. In this way we can design the consultation process according to your individual ideas and to your satisfaction. The use of scientifically based questionnaires also guarantees the quality of our work as objectively and independently as possible. At the same time, your own success becomes clear and tangible.

start: is at the cutting edge of science

Through regular training and further education, we benefit from the latest research results in the field of psychological counseling. These are supplemented by practical case discussions and supervision. So we always stay up to date.

Your concern is our concern

The issues are as diverse as the people who come to us. Here are just a few examples of issues that we deal with in the consultation:

Professional success needs prospects

Professional success has a great impact on subjective well-being, because we often spend a major part of the day with the job. The professional perspectives are the compass that shows goals and moves us to take directions. Often, your own perspectives in everyday life take a back seat, which can result in dissatisfaction, boredom, lack of drive and frustration.

At start: we help you to lift the veil of your work routine and to rediscover your professional compass. We help you to work out your needs, goals and wishes, substantiate your professional perspectives and accompany you on the way to implementation.

Professional success requires feasibility

When the mountain of tasks seems overwhelming and tension becomes permanent, the body and psyche suffer. Those affected often experience that the requirements cannot be reconciled with the time frame. The level of stress increases and feelings of frustration and hopelessness can arise. Overwork in the workplace is a common cause of professional difficulties and personal stress.

At start: we take a close look at your individual situation and work out feasible solutions. These can include strategies for time management or stress management - they help you to protect your limits and to take your professional path more effectively, self-determined and relaxed again.

Parents need relief

A happy family needs happy family members. The compatibility of children, partnership and possibly also professional requirements is a great challenge. It can happen that the satisfaction of others is put above your own needs, which can lead to excessive demands in the long term.

At start: we help you to put your personal needs back in focus and create relief oases, especially in a demanding everyday family life. The joint development of new perspectives helps you to bring more feasibility into your everyday life, to gain strength and to experience more satisfaction together with your family.

The relationship costs more strength than it gives

Do you not feel properly understood, your wishes and needs are not taken into account or you simply cannot get through to your partner? Sometimes there are patterns that make it difficult to get out on your own.

start: helps you to understand the situation exactly, to work out alternative ways and to support you in the implementation. You will quickly find out whether the advice in the individual setting is sufficient or whether a couple advice would make more sense. The moderation of a couple conversation by a psychological advisor helps to design the communication so that both partners can communicate openly and objectively. This paves the way to gradually find each other again.

Sexual problems are often underestimated

Despite the supposedly open approach to sexuality in our society, own sexual problems are often a taboo because of shame. Perhaps your own sexual needs are even classified as "not so important". Sexuality is an important basic human need and the frequency of problems in this area is often underestimated.

We offer you a neutral framework for communication about your wishes and needs and we are at your side to help you deal with difficulties. If you are in a partnership, couple counseling is also possible - you will quickly find out whether this would make sense beyond individual counseling.

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