Sexual Problems

Sexual problems

Despite the supposedly open dealings and information about sexuality in our society, sexual problems in one's own relationship are often tabooed and avoided out of shame.

Relationship needs sexuality

Sexual problems or the lack of sexuality within a partnership are a common source of dissatisfaction. Couple conflicts, distancing or infidelity can result.

A lack of communication about sexual desires or dissatisfaction can lead to sexual problems becoming more solid over time and harming the relationship.

Enable carefree sexuality

We offer you a neutral framework for communication about your wishes and needs and we are at your side to help you deal with difficulties.

We help you to clear up fears, relieve pressure on expectations and enable increasingly carefree access to sexuality. Using behavioral therapy strategies that are individually tailored to your needs, we will guide you to influence your intimate life in a self-determined manner.

If you want to improve your intimate life as a couple, we offer you fast and competent support in our start: practices in Berlin and Wiesbaden.

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