Relationship crisis therapy

Relationship crises

Crises are part of the course of a relationship. Retracted patterns and worsening crises can threaten the well-being of both partners.

Frequent problems

External influences such as occupational stress, illnesses, difficulties in bringing up children and other stresses can affect the partnership.

A lack of communication and divergent expectations can also lead to partners arguing more often and in a destructive manner.

Often, partners distance themselves emotionally and are mentally concerned with each other's mistakes. Thoughts about separation also come up more often.

Coping with the crisis together

We help you to identify and break through deadlocked communication patterns. We help you to define and test new ways of communication together.

In addition, couples therapy gives you a constructive space for wishes, needs and dissatisfactions. We help you to find solutions and coping options together, with which both partners are satisfied.

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