Extramarital therapy

Extramarital relationships

Studies indicate that every second partner (male and female) is unfaithful in the course of their life. In such a situation, both partners often ask themselves the question: What happens to us?

Consequences for the relationship

Loyalty is seen by many people as the basis for a good partnership.

When affairs are exposed, it often leads to distrust, fears, anger, feelings of shame and guilt. Thoughts about the affair and arguing about it complicate helpful communication about the relationship. Separations are often the result.

Helpful communication can also provide an opportunity for the relationship despite the violations of infidelity.

Infidelity - and now?

Uncovering an affair is usually painful, but it can also be a new opportunity for the relationship.

Couples therapy offers you a constructive space in which both partners can make themselves understood. We help you to find solutions and coping options together, with which both partners are satisfied.

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