Detachment between couples

Separation and divorce

Even if there is a separation in the room or has already taken place, couple therapy helps with the further communication of the (ex) partner.

From together to each other

If conflicts or alienation in a relationship have increased to such an extent that there is a separation in the room, feelings of fear, depression or anger often arise.

In such a change situation, otherwise calm communication between partners can intensify and lead to injuries and hostilities. Others remain motionless in the situation and are between a rock and a hard place.

We help you to support weighing processes and to establish a good common basis even in the event of a separation.

How does couple therapy help?

Separation requests are often accompanied by doubts and a discussion about them is not easy. Couples therapy provides a framework for discussing the pros and cons of the relationship and possibly accompanying a separation.

We also offer support to separate partners. The goals here can be to find a solution that is satisfactory for both partners or to improve their communication, e.g. in common children.

If you would like help in dealing with separation or divorce, we offer you fast and competent support in our start: practices in Berlin and Wiesbaden.

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