Couple Counseling

"Two people are always two extremes" (Christian Friedrich Hebbel)

Lifetime partnership

A partnership experiences changes over time, often triggered by external influences such as professional or personal changes or the birth of a child. These can positively influence a partnership or lead to tensions and conflicts. In some cases, partners long in vain for changes and distance themselves or alienate emotionally from their partner. Benevolent communication and beautiful experiences are becoming less common and separation could be in the room.

Support through couples therapy?

Run-in conflicts often lead to well-functioning problem-solving strategies to no longer work. Impartial help from outside can help to overcome non-functioning patterns in communication and to look at your partnership and the conflict in the room from a different perspective.

At start: we offer you competent and quick help based on the latest science. In behavior therapy-oriented couple therapy, we work transparently on your specific issue and help improve communication or find solutions and coping strategies.

How does the procedure look like?

First of all, we start with a couple talk (1 double session = 100 minutes). We first clarify the reason for treatment, agree on possible therapy goals and have room for organizational questions. Here you can find out if you would like to trust us.

Further meetings are individually agreed until the goals are reached. Couple therapy usually consists of between 5 and 15 double sessions.

Frequent concerns in couples therapy

Here you will find a selection of situations for which start: offers you competent help.

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