Coaching Online

Whether professional or personal coaching, start: offers you an ideal framework for concretizing your wishes about personal development and putting them into action. At start: you will quickly receive an appointment and receive competent support.

Do you want to exploit your potential? start: supports you!

Our psychologists are licensed to practice behavior therapy and offer you the highest possible quality in coaching. Professional conversation techniques facilitate clarification processes. The targeted use of role-playing games helps you to expand your repertoire of behavior. Processes are evaluated and your progress is clearly shown.

What is the procedure?

In a detailed inventory (double hour = 100 min.) we concretize your concerns and work out a concrete goal. The first analysis reveals three different coaching courses:

1. One-time coaching

Already after the first meeting, clients develop solution ideas for their next steps. This applies to many career coaching sessions, but can often also be observed in personal coaching or health coaching sessions.

2. Medium-term coaching

Clients would like a more in-depth processing of their concerns and an expansion of their repertoire of actions through exercise-centered work. Medium-term coaching is more helpful on strategic issues and usually takes five to eight appointments.

3. Long-term coaching

Clients want a coach as a sparring partner who will accompany them over a longer-term development period. In the course of a year, you will visit your coach approximately every four weeks and present all the questions relevant to you.

Your concern is our concern

Areas of application of coaching are diverse, in the following we present common topics:

Expand your own potential

Nowadays we are exposed to high demands, so it can be helpful to get professional support to develop your own skills. Personal coaching helps you to get to know yourself better, to use your strengths more effectively and to find helpful ways of dealing with difficulties. Even if you are thinking about reorienting - we will help you to specify and implement change requests. Because: Changes often offer new opportunities!

Enjoy your job

The demands on the job are becoming increasingly complex. For long-term success and fulfillment at work, it is important to adapt flexible to changes and also to encourage further development of yourself. We support you in reflecting on the status quo and analyzing your strategies and strengths. Based on specific objectives, we will accompany you competently in the further development and implementation of your personal success concept.

Feel really good

Exercise, healthy eating and reducing stress - we all know that these are promising strategies for staying healthy in the long term. Despite this knowledge, most people find it difficult to change their way of life sustainably. Coaching can close this gap. Whether reducing obesity, giving up smoking, increasing sporting activities, reducing stress or improving sleep - start: supports you in the implementation until changes become tangible. We also help you with motivation drops, not losing sight of your goals until your new way of life has become routine.

Ready for the competition

For competitive athletes, it is often the mental state that decides whether they win or lose in competitions. Pressure and excitement in competitive situations can either cost energy and concentration or can be used successfully as a resource. Fears and brooding can also block access to your implicit behavioral repertoire. start: helps you to establish sovereignty and reduce tension to a helpful level so that you can exploit your full potential in competition.

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