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Burnout - When work becomes a burden

Burnout describes a pronounced expenditure at work and increasingly leads to severe emotional stress and inability to work.

How does burnout show up?

Burnout is understood as a state of exhaustion that arises from persistently high or emotional stress.

Those affected often experience a feeling of being driven and have the impression that they are not able to do enough. This leads to inner restlessness, irritability and sleep disorders, while mentally everything revolves about work. Increased susceptibility to infections or other physical problems such as headaches can also be a clear sign of a lack of rest.

If the load continues for a longer period of time, a state of exhaustion can creep in or suddenly, characterized by extreme exhaustion, depression and the feeling that “nothing works”.

Why does burnout develop?

Body and psyche are initially very adaptable and can adjust flexibly to heavy loads and mobilize forces to cope with extraordinary charges. However, our nervous system is set up for such stresses to be temporary and reserved for emergencies. If the load persists, the system will soon become exhausted.

In addition, frustration can also be added to the work, but those affected often overlook the early appearing warning signs for a long time: Burnout often affects those for whom top work performance is important and a high workload including regular overtime seems self-evident.

Burnout - what to do?

Although burnout is not an official psychological diagnosis, the symptoms can usually be described in terms of depression or anxiety disorder, so psychotherapy is recommended. Alternatively, coaching can also be suitable.

If you suspect a burnout, get psychotherapeutic or medical help. In our start: practices in Berlin and Wiesbaden, diagnostics, psychotherapy and coaching in case of burnout are carried out.

If you wish, you can use a self-test that gives a first impression, but does not replace professional diagnostics:

What does the treatment look like?

In psychotherapy, individual goals are first agreed upon and steps towards them are made transparent.

Psychotherapy in case of burnout often focuses on topics such as prioritizing your own goals, coping with stress and promoting breaks, as well as enjoyable experiences. The individual goals and strengths of the person concerned are used to create a healthy balance for work and other areas of life in order to promote long-term satisfaction.

With a non-binding initial session in our start: practices, you have the opportunity to tell us your personal concerns so that we can offer you individual treatment options based on the latest science.

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