Trauma Treatment

Trauma - nothing is like before

An accident, a violent crime and other life-threatening events are often associated with high stress even after the event. Those affected can develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of trauma.

How does PTSD show up?

A characteristic of post-traumatic stress disorder is the reliving of traumatic content, e.g. in reverberation memories (flashbacks) or nightmares.

In addition, sufferers avoid places and situations that remind them of the traumatic event. Those affected often feel alienated from their surroundings and many find it difficult to enjoy everyday life. Anxiety and vigilance are also common companions.

Development of a PTSD

In addition to the person directly affected by the trauma, witnesses to the event can also develop a post-traumatic stress disorder. Relatives can also be affected by knowledge of the traumatizing event.

In particular, the type of trauma, but also how the trauma is dealt with in the social environment, has an influence on whether PTSD develops in the person concerned. If symptoms appear, treatment should be given as soon as possible.

PTSD - what to do?

If you suspect you have post-traumatic stress disorder, get psychotherapeutic or medical help.

In our start: practices in Berlin and Wiesbaden, competent diagnostics for post-traumatic stress disorder are carried out and individual therapy options are offered.

What does the treatment look like?

In psychotherapy, goals are initially agreed and steps towards them are made transparent.

An important component is the stabilization of the emotional experience. To deal with the trauma, there is also an approximation of the memories of it. This allows them to be processed in a protected situation. You always have full control over what you dare to do when and what support you need.

With a non-binding initial discussion in our start: practices, you have the opportunity to tell us your personal concerns so that we can offer you individual treatment options based on the latest science.

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