Addiction Treatment

Addiction - the iceberg phenomenon

A dependency often develops as a gradual process from "enjoyment" to harmful use and addiction - often only the tip of the iceberg is visible for a long time until the full extent of the addiction becomes clear to the person concerned and their surroundings.

How does addiction show up?

Addictive substances are alcohol, drugs and medicines other than those prescribed by a doctor, such as sedatives. There are also a number of non-substance-related addictions such as gambling addiction, computer game addiction and internet addiction.

In the case of an addiction, the addictive substance is often the linchpin of everyday life: the person concerned can hardly wait to use the addictive substance, spends a lot of time under its influence or takes a lot of time to recover from it. The addiction can manifest itself daily or in phases. It is not uncommon for affected people to have an apparently intact life, but addiction often demands increasing costs: health, work, family and financial areas can be affected.

How does an addiction arise?

Most of the addictive substances in our society are first of all a stimulant, linguistic terms like the “beer after work” can also be found. Others are primarily medicines prescribed by a doctor. Other potential addictive substances such as the Internet are part of the everyday life.

For these reasons, the development of an addiction is often unnoticed for a long time, since the use of the drug appears "normal" and problems slowly creep in. Those affected often use the addictive substance for years to generate positive feelings or to reduce negative feelings. At some point the ability to regulate these feelings begins, to limit yourself to the addictive substance and to become dependent on it in the truest sense of the word.

Addiction - what to do?

Regain control of your life and get psychotherapeutic or medical help if you suspect you are addicted.

In our start: practices in Berlin and Wiesbaden, competent psychological diagnostics for the various forms of addiction are carried out and individual therapy options are offered.

What does the treatment look like?

In psychotherapy, goals are initially agreed and steps towards them are made transparent.

In the treatment, strategies are developed with which you can get your feelings under control in an abstinent state. In addition, dealing with critical situations is practiced. Your psychotherapist will help you to harness your own strengths and to improve your quality of life in the long term.

With a non-binding initial discussion in our start: practices, you have the opportunity to tell us your personal concerns so that we can offer you individual treatment options based on the latest science.

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