Psycho-Oncology Treatment

Psycho-oncology - living with a cancer diagnosis

The diagnosis of “cancer” usually hits the patient unexpectedly and often results in massive psychological stress in addition to the physical burden. Accompanying psychotherapeutic support helps coping with the new situation.

What is psycho-oncology?

An oncological disease leads to massive changes in the lives of patients and their families.

The department of psycho-oncology deals with the psychological effects of the disease on all affected people.

Psychotherapy for cancer diagnosis?

The psychological effects of cancer diagnosis can include persistent helplessness and debilitating fears about the future. Diagnosing a life-threatening illness can also trigger post-traumatic symptoms. Oncological treatment also often leads to psychological stress.

These and other effects can be countered with the help of psychotherapeutic interventions.

What does the treatment look like?

Psycho-oncologists sensitively accompany sick people in their search for coping options. Behavioral therapy methods are used to develop approaches to self-help. The procedure depends on the situation and the needs of the patient.

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