Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain - body and psyche

Over 8 million people in Germany suffer from chronic pain. Whether the pain is “physical” or “psychological” or a mixture of both, psychotherapy helps in any case to deal with the pain.

How does chronic pain show up?

We speak of chronic pain when pain persists for more than 3-6 months or recurs frequently.

Headache and back pain are the most common.

Those affected often go through a long history of illness with various medical measures and therapy attempts. In part, physical causes can be identified, but they cannot adequately explain the intensity or duration of the pain. Sometimes there is a physical reason for the pain, but it is influenced by psychological factors, e.g. Tension headache with stress.

How does chronic pain develop?

The pain often "becomes independent" after an acute physical illness. Pain researchers assume that our nervous system has a so-called pain memory. Permanent pain impulses put nerves in an alarm state, making them more sensitive and sending a clear pain signal even with slight stimuli.

Chronic pain is very stressful for those affected and often involve depression, withdrawal, helplessness, irritability and sleep disorders and depression is often the result. These often exacerbate the pain, creating an unfavorable vicious cycle.

Chronic pain - what to do?

This shows why psychotherapy makes sense, even if the primary cause of the pain is physical.

If you suspect chronic pain, get psychotherapeutic or medical help.

In our start: practices in Berlin and Wiesbaden, competent psychological diagnostics for chronic pain are carried out and individual therapy options are offered.

What does the treatment look like?

In psychotherapy, individual goals are first agreed upon and steps towards them made transparent.

The treatment works out which factors contribute to the fact that pain is particularly severe or, on the contrary, fades into the background. Changeable factors are approached step by step with the aim of reducing pain and the stress caused by it and regaining quality of life.

With a non-binding initial discussion in our start: practices, you have the opportunity to tell us your personal concerns so that we can offer you individual treatment options based on the latest science.

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