Anxiety Treatment

Fear - When fear gets too strong.

Fear is a natural and meaningful emotion. However, if it occurs in large quantities, this leads to a very high level of suffering among those affected - an anxiety disorder can be behind this.

How are an anxiety disorders showing up?

An increased anxiety is often shown in physical reactions, examples include: palpitations, sweaty hands, dry mouth, an inner tremor or dizziness.

Affected people can often distance themselves mentally from fear - inner restlessness, difficulty concentrating and sleep disorders are often the result.

Many of these symptoms are normal in everyday life if they occasionally occur before scary situations. However, if the symptoms often recur, create a high level of suffering or restrict the person affected, an anxiety disorder can be the reason.

What kind of anxiety disorders exist?

Anxiety disorders can manifest themselves as violent seizures lasting a few minutes, such as a panic disorder.

Panic attacks are often accompanied by agoraphobia - agoraphobia means avoiding certain places or situations from which it would be difficult to escape, e.g. subway, S-Bahn, bus, train, cinema or supermarket.

If an overwhelming range of concerns dominates the symptoms, a generalized anxiety disorder can be the reason.

Fears in social situations or in performance situations (exam anxiety) are usually summarized as social phobias.

There are also a number of specific phobias, e.g. Fear of flying, fear of heights or fear of spiders.

Anxiety Disorder - what to do?

If you suspect an anxiety disorder, get psychotherapeutic or medical help. In our start: practices in Berlin and Wiesbaden, competent diagnostics for anxiety disorders are carried out and individual options for psychotherapy are developed.

If you wish, you can use a self-test that gives a first impression, but does not replace professional diagnostics:

What does the treatment look like?

In psychotherapy, individual goals are first agreed upon and steps towards them made transparent.

The best evidence of efficacy is available for exposure-based behavioral therapy, as is also carried out in our start: practices. Your psychotherapist plans with you to visit the anxiety-causing situations and supports you step by step. You retain full control over which situations you dare to do when and which support you will need.

With a non-binding initial discussion in our start: practices, you have the opportunity to tell us your personal concerns so that we can offer you individual treatment options based on the latest science.

Do you have any questions about our main areas of treatment or the procedure? We are happy to answer your inquiries by email or phone

Or would you like to get to know us directly in a non-binding initial meeting? Then you can easily book an appointment online:

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